Olive Oren
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“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

I suppose I'll begin with an idea, because it's the birthplace of most everything.  One of the most cherished parts of my day is the morning commute, a time when music and scenery coalesce leaving space for the imagination to bloom.  Recently I found myself thinking about how our ancestors lived so deeply in harmony with nature, in awe of what we have accomplished but wary of the mayhem.  Incapable of judging which life is better, I only question what has been transformed.  We often forget to take the time to admire a pellucid body of water, a slender beam of sunlight, or the coziness of a thunderstorm.  We may even forget to ask ourselves the questions that matter most, questions regarding hunger and freedom.  Swimming in the ocean makes me wonder if the swells exist only to imbue our bodies with perfect weightlessness.  

The inception of desire has many faces.  Perhaps you are reminded of someone who got away, perhaps you crave variation, perhaps you desire one more dose of butterflies.  Something I find fascinating is the thin veil that exists between strangers, courteous yet distant.  I love to lift the veil, to tear it away and make space for a unique rawness we are forced to mask in our corporate lives.  I so much appreciate the nuanced alterations, when nervousness melts into relief, the moment when chemistry is realized. That feeling when you discover you harbor the same love for a particular author, or ritualistically prepare coffee the same way... compelling conversation and affectionate smiles a harbinger of good things to come.