Olive Oren

About Me


A mind that delights in understanding Mother Nature rather than attempting to reform her

I don't mean for this to be so one-sided but here it is, I can't wait to hear your side of the dialogue...

I work as a scientist and have always been drawn towards inquiry and discovery.  My area of study concerns earthquakes, tsunamis, and the earth’s hum which stems from a desire to sate an infatuation with the powerful and the extraordinary.  I’ve found having a foot in each world lends a richness and complexity to my life that I crave, perhaps you understand. 

As someone who was raised all over I hold a deep appreciation for the finer things, however I most enjoy life's simple pleasures.  On certain days you might catch me gardening or beekeeping, emitting a joy that has been described as infectious.  

Eroticism begins in the brain and I've been told mine is approachable.  Often conversation is an intoxicating dance defined by the confluence of minds and you will find me quick to spar back with a witty reference, astute observation, or something best left for off the page.  

I travel whenever I can get away and might describe myself as a bit of a thrill-seeker.  A few memorable escapades include hitchhiking from Peru to Patagonia, working as a divemaster in the Banda Sea, and driving a manual across the Sahara.  This curiosity encompasses not only locale but the company I chose to keep, I am taken by the world and fancy adventure-- in all its forms.  

Age: Mid 20's  

Height: 5’8’’  

Weight: 115

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Hazel

Bust: C-cup natural  

Measurements: 32-24-34

Dress Size: 2  

Shoe Size: 39  

Ethnicity: Korean/Swedish  

Handedness: Left  

Languages: A handful  

Orientation: Bisexual



This journey is about one thing, a desire to understand and deliver the illusive or unnameable ingredient.  I find the layered nature of human beings fascinating and have long felt individuals are something to be carefully unwrapped and delightfully cherished, like a hand-written letter or sought-after book.  My preferred sense is touch and I would go so far as to propose Maslow’s hierarchy would benefit from a slight reworking.  Perhaps you are interested in wildness and escapism, I can become excruciatingly distracting when handled correctly.   

My aim is to provide a safe space where we both feel relaxed and able to express an honest, carefree version of ourselves.  The moments I find most enchanting are when when each of us can play off of each other, figure out what the other person craves and simply, have fun!  I have come to suspect the transformation of something good into something that lingers is a delicate reaction, the catalyst being perceptivity.  

We might be from the same city or we may hail from opposite sides of the world but if you are kindhearted I'm confident we'll find common ground, after all, we both know what the lingua franca is.