Olive Oren

Q & A


What do you look for in a suitor?

I enjoy the company of discerning gentlemen, well-rounded polymaths, and fellow world travelers but primarily I’ve found my litmus test for lovers and friends to be how seriously you take yourself.  What matters the most to me is just that you are open-minded and kind.  

Do you offer Incall?

In NYC & SF I will always host out of a 5 star hotel.  LA incall requires an aditional 150, paid as deposit. 

What is your ideal date?

I love to dance and find live music to be one of the most uniquely erotic experiences.  My perfect date begins with making eyes at each other over dinner, a stroll, or show before retiring to somewhere more private, preferably a location with scented candles.  At the risk of sounding cliché, the most intriguing organ is located between our ears; if I catch a glimpse of that, there’s no saying where things might take us.  I have a two hour minimum because I believe the session can only be as good as the conversation which proceeded it. 

What is the meaning of life?

You've got me.  I really can't say but I suspect the paint which colors this existence involves richness of experience, purpose, and human connection.

I’ve never done this before, what should I expect?

Please see my simple instructions for screening without references here.  I guess the only thing I would stress is don’t be nervous!  Meeting will be no different than a first date, it will involve talking, laughing and getting to know each other.  I usually recommend three hours so that we have time to become completely comfortable with the other person.  After successful dates I am always more than happy to provide a reference, and while on the topics of references...

Will you provide a reference?

If we have met in the past year and you feel it went well please do not hesitate to use me as reference!  I love the reference system because I feel it keeps my friends and I the safest.  Simply pass my information along -there is no need to ask my permission first.  Please use, but do not abuse the system.  

Can I bring you something?

While gifts are never expected I like books!  I also like herbal teas, small boxes, dark chocolate, weird musical instruments.

When will you be in my city?

I spend most of my time in California and New York.  I am available to fly to you on certain dates if given adequate notice.  Upcoming travel plans will be announced on my newsletter which is available after screening, upon request.

Three favorite Authors

Camus, Murakami, Anne Carson

three favorite things

Sand dunes, sandwiches, road trips