Olive Oren



2000 [2 Hours]  

2700 [3 Hours] 

3200 [4 Hours]

4500 [6 Hours]

5000  [8 Hours]

6500 [Overnight]

24 Hours and Extended Travel- please inquire

**Rates are non-negotiable**


Two For The Road

If you'd like company on your upcoming business trip, weekend getaway, or international escape I’m passport ready, global entry-ed, TSA pre-checked, and fluent in three languages - please inquire with as much detail as possible and I will send you a quote

Fly-me-to-you packages are available in the continental US with a 4 hour minimum [+ 1000 travel fee] & internationally with a 6 hour minimum [+ 2000 travel fee]  

Bespoke, Couples & My Gorgeous Friends

Custom packages are available should you have a certain scenario in mind

I do not offer submission

I love entertaining couples!  Screening is required for both parties and I ask that everyone participate in the correspondence beforehand and we have open channels of communication +500/hr for couples

My sapphic streak runs deep, if you have someone special in mind and you think we would be compatible let me know :) Additionally, I have a number of beautiful, intriguing friends in various cities across the world who would love to join us

Loyalty rates for established friends start at 10k/month


All dates require a 10% deposit

Fly-me-to-you: 50% deposit [+ travel fee] 

I offer (and encourage) electronic prepayment, list of options available upon request

Discreet cash payment for deposit available

cancellation policy

I will issue a full refund for cancellations over a week out

I will credit the deposit towards a future meeting for any cancellations before 72 hours

Cancellations outside of the 72 hour window will forfeit the deposit

Last minute cancellations will incur a 100% cancellation fee

All are welcome I Will never discriminate based on age, ethnicity, nationality, size, gender identity, or ability