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On Nomenclature

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my name choice so here’s an indulgent little post to help elucidate :)  I chose Olive on a whim because it sounded nice.  Initially I wondered if it sounded too stage name-y, but have come to enjoy how Olive is so unapologetically an alias.  None of these are our real names, but I don’t have to tell you that.  

I love colors, how we perceive them, how we wear them, how they change in different light conditions.  This got me thinking about olive as more than just a color.  Sophia Loren swears by olive oil baths as the secret to her perpetual youth.  Every night after harvesting olives in Umbria I would collapse into my bed, too exhausted to read, grateful to have survived another day without collecting a burn.  As a child I would insist we get the medium sized canned black olives so I could slide one gently onto each finger before popping them languidly into my mouth (I'm sure this memory is not unique).  There is a 1600 year old tree in Croatia that still produces fruit, I will probably visit this magic tree.  I appreciate the imagery of something stuffed inside an olive to be consumed as an entity, or to be coaxed out first, and how often times olives are best followed by a cool drink of water. 

Alliteration mercifully trims the infinite surname options.  Oyama, O'Hara, Opal, Oz, Owens, Ora, I'm prone to mental lists when conducting obligatory menial tasks.  Oren is a Kill Bill reference, on numerous occasions friends have likened me to Lucy Liu’s character in the movie, hopefully more in an aesthetic sense, less in an bloodthirsty sense, and I enjoy the bounciness of the four syllables.

Stay tuned for my next blog post in which I will explore the merits of flux and fluidity in work, relationships, and whereabouts. 



Olive Oren